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Third Place is a gutsy up-and-coming commercial punk-rock band from Montreal, Canada. The group has a vast array of influences and is at home in a variety of musical styles. The band is celebrated for its compelling, dynamic sound and bold
performance chops. Third Place burst onto the music scene in February 2006, during the International Emergenza battle of the bands competition. The band celebrated its first anniversary on the night of the Grand Finale at the legendary Medley concert hall, finishing 8th among the 250 other acts in the competition! The following year, Third Place
finished 6th overall! The formation then realized that their real passion was performing on stage!

In response to popular demand, Third Place released an unofficial, self-produced album entitled, Keep Your Dream Alive (2008). The circulation of the album resulted in the rapid growth of the band’s fan-base (11,500 devoted fans on Facebook, August 2011). Third Place was then noticed in many competitions, and got to share the stage with many artists, such as L’Assemblée, Martin Deschamps, Kamakazi, Sans Pression, Les Denis Drolet, Marie-Mai, Les Porn Flakes, Dj Shortcut, Jean-Marie Corbeil, Michel Mpambara and the American bands Shinedown, Pennywise and Puddle of Mudd. In November 2010, Third Place launched their new album Lifeland (2010), which has sold more than 3000 copies since its release date.

Their first single and videoclip Look At Me Now (80,000 views on Youtube) reached the 66th position in the Top 100 Effervescence Anglophone of Palmarès on November 9th, 2009. Furthermore, the videoclip reached the 37th position in the Top 40 Anglophone on Musique Plus, and plays regularly on MuchLoud. Their new single/videoclip Feel the beat is presently rotating regularly on Musique Plus and many radio stations all around Quebec, Ontario and New-Brunswick. The boys will be touring around Ontario and Quebec within the next two months with their High Five Summer Tour 2011. You can come out and join the party with Third Place in what will be many unforgettable performances by this energetic formation!